What Pro Wolfers AREN’T Telling You

There are countless pro-wolfers out there who will preach about the importance of reintroduction. These advocates are consistently urban and suburban animal rights activists with unfounded arguments against the killing of arguments. But 100% of their argument is null and void.

Because these animal rights advocates primarily dwell in regions far removed from the rural settings, they are unfamiliar with the impact wolves really have on humankind and their way of life. Livestock farmers on the other hand are constantly burdened with protecting their herd, day and night, from the pesky canine.

Wolves are nocturnal and hunt their every waking moment. They need between 5 and 10 pounds on a daily basis to survive. So when they are pressed to find lifeblood, they move to cattle and then to household pets. They have no discretion when hunting for red meat. And since 1995, wolves have cost the average rancher roughly $7,000 per herd.

And it’s not only ranching bearing the brunt of reintroduction. They are also having a very negative impact on businesses across the Midwest. In regions with high concentrations of wolf populations, hunters are choosing to take their hunting trips elsewhere. It’s not out of fear of the wolf, because wolves are actually much more afraid of humans than we are of them, but because of the volumes of prey the wolf attack. This severely limits the numbers available to hunters.

And because hunters are driven to other places to hunt, this costs businesses across the Pacific Northwest and Midwest millions in revenue. And it’s not only the hunting guides that are losing out, but lodging establishments, boutique sporting goods suppliers and even local restaurants. It is more than livestock and pecora wolf packs destroy.

Wolves are predators that will kill, scavenge and cost American farmers and small businesses millions in lost capital. There are plenty of arguments on both sides of the wolf, for whatever reason. But one thing is for sure in Washington State; you will never hear a livestock farmer advocating for the re-population of the wolf.