Use a Gun Claw to Help Young Shooters

Some say it runs in our blood, passed down from generation to generation – the sport of hunting. The battle of man versus nature and the anticipation of hunting season is just as high this year as it was last season. The season brings back everything from fond childhood memories and stories of the times spent with a parent or grandparent, to learning how to scout, stalk, wait patiently and catch the prized target in your crosshairs.

The rush of excitement fills every part of your body when you see an animal, especially when you’re just starting out, you can’t help but tremble as you wait for the perfect moment to pull the trigger. In these moments, adrenaline kicks in, sometimes making it difficult to control our bodies. Holding a long rifle isn’t easy even when you’re not amped up with excitement, and this is especially true for young hunters with smaller frames.

Missing a shot can be extremely disappointing and tough to swallow for little ones and for their adult teacher. That’s why the Gun Claw rifle vise is the perfect tool to assist younger hunters with improving their precision and accuracy, even at long distances. The device works in all shooting positions – standing, sitting and prone – providing a simple way for rookie shooters to pan and tilt into place before locking the claw into position with ease. This keeps the aim of the gun right where it’s wanted, allowing your budding hunter to take the shot cleanly and accurately.

The Gun Claw also reduces recoil by more than 50 percent, which can be a great boon for younger hunters. All of the features make the Gun Claw a great way to give those young shooters an improved confidence in their abilities, helping them to be ready when the change comes to take down that monster trophy.

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