New Mexico

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We have been looking for years to find the right opportunity to work with a top quality New Mexico ranch, and to be able to offer some top quality trophy bull elk hunts to our clients. Now we have found it!!! If you have not drawn any quality hunts for this fall, and are looking to get into the woods, this might be what you are looking for. This ranch is big and receives over 100 bull elk tags each year. The owner has allowed only a hand full of bulls to be taken each year, and the number of hunters will remain very low, however, we will be able to run two small camps this fall at the peak of the rut! Camp #1 will be the last week of Sept. Archery only, for 4 hunters. Camp # 2 will be a muzzleloader hunt the first week of Oct. for 4 hunters. This is in unit #9 a primitive weapons unit. The Cost for this 5 day hunt is $4500.00 + $447.00 state tag & lic. fee. Along with a $1500.00 Trophy fee for any 6×6 bull or better harvested. These are landowner tags no draw, a good elk population, lot of bulls 300- 350, with a few better! This is a guided hunt (2×1) with Great accommodations and good food! In some of the nearby units landowner tags alone are selling for over $4000.00 (THIS YEARS HUNTERS WILL HAVE FIRST OPTION FOR THE FEW TAGS WE WILL HAVE AGAIN NEXT YEAR.)

The ranch ranges in elevation from about 6,300 feet to over 9,000 feet at its highest point giving it two distinctive climates. Much of it lies on Mesa Chivato, a high mesa running northeast from the peak of 11,300-foot Mt. Taylor. The lower country is considered high desert, with magnificent volcanic sculptured landscape. It is rich productive rangeland, but with relatively low average annual rainfall. Deep arroyos, up thrusting volcanic cones, steep hillsides and broad open valleys that collect the runoff from the surrounding hills carve the desert country. The real wonder of the ranch is that portion that transitions from high desert to the top of Mesa Chivato. This area includes steep sandstone cliffs, rugged buttes, deep canyons and increasing tree cover. Once you reach the Mesa top, you will encounter Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir, Oak groves and other high mountain brush and forage.

At the heart of the ranch is the huge diversity of wildlife. Game species include Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcats, Barbary sheep, Gamble Quail, Morning Dove, and Merriam Turkey. Elk and Mule Deer, in particular, benefit from the diverse terrain with high elevation habitat for late spring, summer and fall. Most importantly, the lower country provides excellent winter range for these large herbivores, and they do not have to travel away from the ranch during different seasons of the year. Hunting opportunities are immense. Located in a primitive weapons hunting district, for the 2007- 2008 hunting season the ranch received 46 muzzleloader Bull Elk tags, 68 either sex Elk archery tags and 125 cow elk tags from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This significant contribution to the ranch operation is in recognition by the Department of the excellent wildlife habitat management the owners have provided since they purchased the ranch nearly 20 years ago.

In addition to the original ranch headquarters house and cattle handling facilities, the ranch sports a modern 3,400 square foot log and native rock Lodge located on a spectacular sandstone bluff midway up the mesa in the transition area. The 2,400 sq. ft. headquarters residence is a modern 3 bedroom, 1 and 3/4 bath home with a large basement. It is adobe stucco construction with a metal roof and many wood accents. The headquarters barn is 28’ x 44’ adobe stucco; it has a large hay loft that provides ample feed storage. Seven miles north of the headquarters is the guest lodge. The two-story lodge is approximately 3,400 sq. ft. It is log construction with native rock and wood features throughout. The lodge has an enormous great room and provides an inviting atmosphere for guests. The lodge can accommodate 14 guests and has 4 bathrooms. An 18’ x 20’ guide’s bunkhouse provides an additional 6 beds and has a 3/4 bath. The guest lodge is located on a rim that overlooks much of the lower country. At 8300’ elevation there is a 720 sq. ft. cabin with 2 bedroomsand a 3/4 bath.