The Benefits of Using a Shooting Stick

Shooting SticksOne of the frequent challenges that hunters face is finding a stable shooting rest for distance shots. Woodland hunters may be able to count on finding a convenient tree at the right time, but hunting in the prairie, desert, or mountains often means spotting game while there are no suitable, natural rests nearby. A shooting stick is the perfect solution for these types of hunting environments. These are a few of the benefits of using a shooting stick.

The Advantages of Using a Shooting Stick

Shooting sticks are available in a range of styles, including monopod, bipod, and tripod. Legs may be telescoping or folding, and the stick may be freestanding or designed to attach to a front sling mount. Extendable shooting sticks allow a hunter to use the stick to shoot from any position. Weight varies between models, but is usually well worth carrying due to the benefits that a shooting stick provides.

The obvious benefit of using a shooting stick is always having a reliable rifle rest when it is needed. A stable rest often makes the difference between being able to reliably take a long-distance shot and needing to pass on the opportunity. A shooting stick guarantees that you are able to take those shots.

Another benefit of using a shooting stick is the ability to use it to stabilize a camera or binoculars. Trying to zoom in on a distant location requires an exceptionally steady hand – or a way to stabilize the binoculars or camera. Some commercial shooting sticks are even designed to work with a camera or binoculars, but you can improvise a solution otherwise.

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