To the folks at Hunts Incorporated:

I want to really thank you for putting out the Acu-Sight product! I have the .223 Acu-Sight Laser and CSH’s for 7mm mag. and .243 Winchester.

I recently purchased a new scope for my 7mm mag. Before I removed the old scope, I took a reading using the Acu-Sight. After installing the new scope, I just dialed the it to the settings I’d recorded earlier. Well, I just returned from my first trip to the rifle range after installing the new scope. I have to tell you that I’ve never used a better, more precise piece of precision equipment. I have used many different types of bore sighters in the past, but none can even compare with the Acu-Sight. I didn’t even bother with any short range trials. I just put the target at 100 yards…after 3 shots, I adjusted the scope 1 inch to the right and after 3 more shots I adjusted the scope 2 inches lower. Six shots, and I’m all sighted in! The rest of the shots I fired after that were really “practice”. No further scope adjustment was necessary! I was already confident that the Acu-Sight was going to work well, but this was pretty remarkable.

just had to let you know how pleased I am with the Acu-Sight!! I still need a CSH for .270 Winchester. You can bet that I’ll be ordering again real soon!

Thank you once again for a fine product. Maybe some day I can also book a dream hunt through you!

Norman Gibbs
Sacramento, CA

This is just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with your ACU-SIGHT . This past October I was in the Caucasus mountains hunting Western Tur. When I checked my rifle one night, I discovered it was off by over 3 inches @ 25 yards.Using the Acu-Sight, I adjusted the scope to bring it back in line. The next day, I was successful in a 460+ yard heart shot. Thank you for a great trophy! I won’t go hunting again with out it!

Bob Sydenham
Edmonton, Alberta

There are several laser boresighters on the market…how well they work depends on the absolute repeatability of where the laser beam shines. THE BEST SYSTEM I have seen is the ACU-SIGHT..” Calling itself ” The Ultimate Laser Bore Sight” and I think it is”

Craig Boddington
Safari Magazine Sept/Oct 2002

“I’ve tried other laser bore sights in the past and was ready to give up on the idea until I found the Acu-Sight. Acu-Sight is the brightest, most reliable laser bore sight out there. My Acu-Sight goes with me on every hunting trip and fives me the confidence needed to make the shot when it really counts, and when nearly every shot I take is recorded on film, I can’t afford to miss. I can’t afford to NOT have an Acu-Sight.”

Mike Bybee, Host & Producer
Majestic’s Outdoors TV show

“…I make my living in the hunting world, guiding 280+ days a year, for 19 of the North American species. As a result, I see hunters with all sorts of ‘Gimmicks and Gadgets’ The Acu-sight is neither, it is a ‘TOOL’ that belongs with every (serious) hunter. I thank you, and so do a numver of my successful clients, who might not have been without the Acu-Sight.”

Bart Lancaster
Professional Guide & Videographer

“…I have to say, the Acu-Sight is one of the most innovative products for the hunter that I have ever used. Knowing that I can hunt all day on horseback, climb mountains or jump on a plane and then check the zero each night without shooting verses ‘hoping’ that the scope is ‘still on’ is a real confidence boost. Every hunter has the responsibility and necessity of checking his rifle scope alignment each day… The Acu-Sight is the only practical meas of doing that.”

Loren Grosskopf
Worldwide Hunting Consultant

“The Acu-Sight is small and easy to pack….and may well save a hunt…one can’t always fire our rifles in camp to confirm zero, with Acu-Sight you can check in limited space day or night without firing… I’ve learned my lesson and will never leave home without it.”

Lance Stapeton, author

“I know when one of my clients shows up with and Acu-Sight Laser Bore Sight that they are the ‘cream of the crop’ ’cause serious hunters haver serious equipment. I can’t have people shootng their rifles to check their sights when we are in the middle of the game. If you are out for trophy game, get serious, get Acu-Sight.”

Mark Lane, owner
WhiteRiver Guide Service
Ely, Nevada