Reasons to Go on a Hunting Trip in Zimbabwe

Hunting Trip to ZimbabweHunting remains a popular pastime for millions of people. While hunting is no longer necessary for survival in most cases, it still provides an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and to prove oneself in the natural world. Zimbabwe remains one of the premiere destinations for trophy hunters from around the world. These are a few reasons you should consider going on a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

Professional Guides

Professional guides may be a luxury on some hunts, but when you are hunting far from home in an area that you are not familiar with a guide is often a necessity. Hunting on another continent introduces a number of new factors that make a guide indispensable. Just trying to keep track of hunting regulations, property boundaries, and travel arrangements would be exhausting – and this is before you even start to look for game in unfamiliar hunting grounds.

We provide experienced and skilled hunting guides for our Zimbabwe hunts. Our guides will help you find the trophy animals that you are hunting to make your trip a memorable success.

Game Variety

Zimbabwe offers an amazing variety of game, including trophy animals like elephant, buffalo, and lion. There is no reason to hunt somewhere with limited game when you can come to Zimbabwe and pursue multiple trophy game species.

No Seasons

Zimbabwe does not have strict hunting seasons like many countries, but instead relies on a permit system. This approach to game management presents a wider window when you can plan your trophy hunt.

Most of our elephant hunts are booked between February and April. A few permits are sometimes also available in November.

At Hunts, Inc., hunting is our business. We work only with the best and most experienced hunting guides in the industry to be sure that your hunt is an incredibly rewarding experience. Contact us at 509-464-0528 to learn more about our Zimbabwe hunting packages or to reserve your hunt today.