Reasons to Consider Planning a Hunting Trip Rather than a Fishing Trip

Hunting TripsHunting and fishing are both great pursuits that are enjoyed by millions of men and women. Often though, the demands of schedules and finances mean that it is not possible to schedule both hunting and fishing trips in the same year. These are a few reasons to plan a hunting trip rather than a fishing trip.


While there are many reasons why people choose to hunt, putting food on the table is often at the top of the list. Hunting your own food is satisfying on a number of levels, including knowing where the meat came from and being able to fill the freezer without needing to take out a loan at the grocery store.

Fishing, on the other hand, may provide the chance of bringing home some food, but not in the same quantity as big game hunting. After all, when was the last time you caught a 200-pound bass or trout?


Fishing is often described as a relaxing pastime. The truth is that a fishing trip where you don’t land a few big fish is probably a pretty dull experience. The best you can hope for with an uneventful fishing trip is another story about “the one that got away.”

Hunting trips, even when they don’t result in bringing in an animal, are often marked by adventure and excitement. Hunting provides the opportunity to be out exploring the wilderness, seeing a variety of animals that you may not be hunting that day, and the thrill of trying to track down and shoot your prey.


Hunting is also unique from fishing in that it requires targeting one animal to pursue and, hopefully, to kill. In the end, a hunting trip comes down to one animal and one hunter is a battle of skill and wits.

Fishing differs from hunting in that targeting is limited to perhaps certain types of fish based on bait choice or location. It is not possible to identify a single, trophy fish and then go after it.

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