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Sonora Mexico Trophy Coues Deer Hunts

We offer 5 day combination hunts, with 2 additional days of travel to and from Tucson, Az. We are hunting exclusively on some of the finest ranches in Sonora. These deer hunts will take place during Dec. & Jan. Javelina can be added for a small trophy fee as well, So come with us and experience the charm and hospitality of Old Mexico along with some of its finest big game hunting.

Why hunt Mexico?
Southern AZ. and Southern New Mexico produce many quality Coues Deer but if you are planning to pay for a guided hunt Mexico offers many advantages.

  • No draw, meaning guaranteed tags!
  • We can hunt Dec. and Jan. during the rut!
  • We have control of the number of hunters and deer harvested on each ranch.
  • We are seeing a much better buck to doe ratio and more mature bucks.
  • You may have the opportunity to take a 2nd deer or a Javelina.
  • You will experience the charm and hospitality of Old Mexico.

During the upcoming season we will be hunting on a limited number of ranches with a limited number of hunters in each camp. Please call or e-mail for the latest dates and availability

  • We are offering 5 day hunts with 2 additional days of travel to and from Tucson Az.
  • The cost of hunt will be $ 3500.00 (2×1) or $4000.00 (1×1). Plus a licensing fee of $800.00 (To cover Your Mexican firearms permit, tag’s & visa’s)
  • You will be notified by the end of August to provide the $800.00 licensing fee and the necessary documentation to process your paperwork.

  • A Javelina may be taken for a $500.00 trophy fee.
  • An additional deer can be taken for $ 1700.00 (if tags are available)
  • These hunts are conducted from 4×4 vehicles, 4 wheelers, horse back, and on foot.
  • Be prepared – the country is big, shots may be long and the glassing intense – you should be in shape, know your rifle well and have quality optics and tripod.


  • Each camp will be run from a ranch house. Each house is clean, has an inside bathroom, hot showers and limited electricity.
  • A variety of outstanding Mexican dishes will be served in the morning and evening with sack lunches for you to carry into the field each day, also a variety of soft drinks and snacks will be provided.
  • Your guide will skin and cape your trophy and we will assist you with the arrangements for taxidermy. We will also assist in the necessary inspections and paperwork back at the U.S. border.