Mexico: The New Hunting Paradise

With hunting season now winding down or over in most locations around the country, many hunters have finished their long days tracking down the elusive next trophy. However, what many people don’t realize is that the American wilderness isn’t the only great hunting spot anymore. South of the border, Mexico has numerous great destinations filled with big game ready to be hunted. Let’s take a look at three hunting hotspots in Mexico.


Known to some as “Hunters Paradise,” this Mexican state leads the nation in hunting tourism because of the diverse ranges of species that can be hunted there. Bird hunters can find white-winged doves, quail, hilota doves, crane ducks, ring-necked pheasants and wild turkeys. There are plenty of big game animals in this area as well, including the ever-ubiquitous white-tailed deer, wild boars and even European pigs.


Looking to bring home a record-breaking deer? Then head to Coahuila. This state has seen numerous record book quality deer nearly every hunting season, making it a great destination for big game hunters. Coahuila is also full of blue quail and doves for those in search of fowl hunting, while several other species of deer are also present for those looking to hunt something a little bit different.


Contrary to what you might guess, this Mexican state is a very popular choice for those looking to hunt Canadian geese. Bird hunting is the major draw in Sinaloa, with various duck species also popular with marksmen, including canvasback, mallard, pintail, redhead, teal and widgeon. Beyond the waterfowl, there are also numerous areas filled with quail and white-winged doves that are perfect for those looking for small game hunting.

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