Lock and Load – Then Lock Again with Tracker Safes

After a long day of hunting for the next trophy, hunters need a place to put their gear, including their guns. Some things can simply be placed in the garage, whereas the guns need a place of their own to keep them protected and out of the reach of others. A Tracker Safe can do all of these things and more.

Tracker Safe is one of the toughest safes anyone could buy for their firearms. Each unit includes two built-in holes so it can be anchored to the floor. This provides additional stability for your gun cabinet and can further deter would-be thieves by permanently affixing your safe to the floor instead of having a freestanding unit.

Tracker Safes can also protect your guns in case there’s a fire. They are made to resist temperatures up 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and are designed to have their door seals expand when high heat is detected in the home.

Backed by these handy safety and convenience features, the Tracker Safe series comes with a traditional dial combination lock. This offers quick and convenient access while still keeping your safe secure and protected.

Tracker Safes also come with anywhere from 24 to 48 slots for whatever type of firearm you have that needs to be stored. In addition, all safes are upholstered, meaning they will help keep your firearms inside clean and in good condition, whereas a metal safe offers no cushion or protection from metal-on-metal contact.

Hunts Inc. has a wide variety of hunting gear and supplies for sale including numerous Tracker Safes that will help keep your firearms secure. For more information on our products, call us today at 509-464-0528.