Mexico: The New Hunting Paradise

With hunting season now winding down or over in most locations around the country, many hunters have finished their long days tracking down the elusive next trophy. However, what many people don’t realize is that the American wilderness isn’t the only great hunting spot anymore. South of the border, Mexico has numerous great destinations filled with big game ready… Read more »

Use a Gun Claw to Help Young Shooters

Some say it runs in our blood, passed down from generation to generation – the sport of hunting. The battle of man versus nature and the anticipation of hunting season is just as high this year as it was last season. The season brings back everything from fond childhood memories and stories of the times… Read more »

3 Benefits of Acu-Sight for the Average Hunter or Gun Enthusiast

Sighting in a gun can be challenging and sometimes feel more like a chore than fun. However, even during the offseasons, any good shooter should set aside some time for target practice, not only to practice your shot, but also stay in tune with how your firearm is shooting and to learn how it ticks…. Read more »

What Pro Wolfers AREN’T Telling You

There are countless pro-wolfers out there who will preach about the importance of reintroduction. These advocates are consistently urban and suburban animal rights activists with unfounded arguments against the killing of arguments. But 100% of their argument is null and void. Because these animal rights advocates primarily dwell in regions far removed from the rural… Read more »

Africa Safe, Open for Tourism

The recent international Ebola scare has left ripples around the globe. And the epicenter of these ripples is centric on the entire continent of Africa. Genuinely, this is not a fair culmination, given it is truly only impacting the western part of the continent. And far from the heart of West Africa’s Ebola outbreak, the… Read more »

Best States In The U.S. For Hunting Big Game

Hunting conditions vary greatly across each state, and while each state does have its own hunting season, some might say certain locations are better than others. It can be difficult to determine which states exactly have better hunting as the data is scaled by available game, weather, land, feed, etc. has studied the conditions… Read more »