Ultraflex Thermoplastic Rubber Firearm Sling


When you use a gun sling, you want it to keep your firearm as close to your body as possible so that it’s secure. The Ultraflex Thermoplastic Rubber Firearm Sling is able to do just that thanks to its high-tech thermoplastic rubber construction. The Ultraflex shotgun sling will grip comfortably to your shoulder and keep your gun in place. It also fits tighter to the stock than other leather or nylon straps, and the thermoplastic rubber construction means you can rely on this non-slip, flexible shooting sling in conditions down to 40 degrees below zero.



It is constructed of a high-tech thermoplastic rubber, not to be confused with the open cell neoprene slings currently on the market. This construction and its unique design enable it to be a tighter fit to the stock than nylon or leather for any rifle or shotgun. The Ultraflex Sling stretches to fit comfortably; gripping your shoulder, thus keeping your firearm secure on your shoulder where it belongs. The stretch-ability allows it to be shouldered to a three-quarter backpack style without any moving parts. The Ultraflex Sling can also be extended in length to become a front and ready carrying and shooting sling. It is impervious to the weather, quiet, non-slip, shock-absorbing, UV stabilized and stays flexible to 40 degrees below zero.The Ultraflex Sling comes with Gorilla swivels and is the ultimate in a shooting and carrying sling. This Sling does what all slings should do, but don’t. It works.


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