Ultraflex Shotgun Loop Sling


Based on the standard weight Ultraflex sling design – it attaches to a firearm without studs by a nylon loop sling, which attaches to the stock and unique para-cord loop system that securely attaches to the barrel.



If you have a firearm that doesn’t have studs on it, you might not think that you can attach a shotgun sling to it. However, this Ultraflex Shotgun Loop Sling from Slogan Outdoors makes it possible. You can attach the muzzleloader sling directly onto any gun without studs through the use of a nylon shotgun loop sling and a unique para-cord loop system that will keep the shotgun sling secure at both the barrel and stock. This design allows you to easily add a sling to just about any firearm, giving you an easy and reliable way to keep your gun secure while carrying in the field.


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