The Gun Claw Rifle Vise


Whether you are experienced when it comes to hunting or still new to the sport, the Gun Claw Rifle Vise can offer you a wide range of benefits. It offers a bench rest-like shooting platform and will help keep your firearm in the ready-to-fire position at all times. The gun rest will also reduce the recoil on your shots by more than 50 percent, while also helping you place your crosshairs firmly on a target. Including the Gun Claw in your rollout eliminates the need to carry around another shooting support and helps you get a clear, accurate and steady shot from any position.

Tripod is not included with the Gun Claw



The Claw provides many advantages to the beginning or experienced hunter and shooter.

  • Bench rest like shooting platform!
  • Unparalleled panning and tilting capabilities-all the movements a tripod can make!
  • Maintains your firearm in ready/fire position!
  • Place cross-hairs on target and lock in place to wait an animal out or allow another person to make the shot!
  • Reduces recoil of shot by more than 50%!
  • Eliminates the need to carry an additional shooting support!
  • Shoot from any position, prone, sitting, and standing!
  • Shoot on any ground surface or ground angle with absolute stability!
  • Rapid target re-acquisition on multiple shot

Tripod is not included with the Gun Claw

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