Do you need a hunting knife and saw set that will take care of all your skinning and cutting needs? The SwingBlade-Pak, which features the innovative SwingBlade and a T-handle wood/bone saw with a 6-inch blade, will serve as the perfect hunting companion. The SwingBlade is a two-blade hunting knife, designed by Outdoor Edge President David Bloch, EKA Knives of Sweden, and professional Swedish hunter Thomas Ekberg. This innovative and functional knife can be used as either a skinning knife or a hunting blade while preparing game. Paired with the hunting saw, an ideal solution for quartering game or clearing away any thick brush, you’ll have all you need for field dressing and preparing. The SwingBlade-Pak comes packaged in a leather belt sheath for convenient carry, and is guaranteed to last for life.


  • Skinning Blade: 3.6” (90mm)
  • Gutting Blade: 3.2” (81mm)
  • Overall Length: 8.3 (120mm)
  • Steel: AUS-8 Stainless
  • Vacuum heat treatment & subzero quenched
  • Rockwell-C hardness: 57-58
  • Handle: Rubberized Kraton®
  • Kodi-Saw:  6” (15.2cm) Overall: 9-1/14 (23.4cm)



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