Multi-Purpose Sportsman Bow Sling


Versatile enough to be worn in up to 10 different positions, the Multi-Purpose Sportsman Bow Sling is – hands down – the very best bow sling on the market today. It’s a multi-purpose sling that relies on a high-tech thermoplastic rubber to allow you to keep your bow secure when you’re hunting with it. Outside of being a bow-carrying sling, it can also convert into a deer drag/harness, a waterfowl/small game tote, a climbing aid, a tree stand, and so much more. It’s a reliable Slogan Outdoors bow sling before all else, and you can count on this versatile sling to work the way you want and need at all times.



The 12 in 1 Sportsman Bow Sling does it all, a truly multi-purpose sling. As a carrying sling, the non-slip nature and the stretch ability of the high-tech thermoplastic rubber combine for an excellent performance while its unique para-cord loop slip swivel allows the user to carry their bow. The 12 in 1 Sportsman also converts to a deer drag/harness, waterfowl/small game tote, climbing stick, tree stands, trolling motors, boat oars, ice augers, fishing rods and packaging outer clothing to and from hunting areas due to versatility of the unique para-cord loop swivel system. Instructions are to assist the user in its wide ranges of uses, but first and foremost it is a bow sling that works. Just slip the loops over your cams, swing down the lock washers, and off you go.

  • Versatile, can be worn in up to 10 positions
  • Quick installation and takedown
  • Silent operation
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable


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