Long Magnum HD Firearm Sling


Much like the original Ultraflex, the Long Magnum HD Firearm Sling can be used to keep your firearm close to you at all times. However, this heavy firearm sling is specifically designed for those who need a larger option or more durable solution. Whether you carry a heavier firearm and need a firearm sling that can accommodate the extra heft, or you’re larger than the average person or wear a lot of layered clothing when you hunt in the winter, one of these Slogan Outdoors slings will fit you just fine and allow you to control and carry your firearm more easily.



The Long Magnum HD Firearm Sling is wider, thicker, and longer than the original Ultraflex (1 ½” wide, over 10” longer). This sling works just like the original Ultraflex, but is better suited for the sportsman under specific conditions like a heavier than average firearm, a larger than average person (1x, 2x + shirt size), cold weather hunting with layered clothing, or for the person who has to have the biggest and badest.

  • Fits all standard firearms
  • Multiple wearing positions
  • The most secure sling you will find
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable


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