Acu-Sight 243 WIN Cartridge Shaped Housing (#1)



Designed to be used with the .223 REM Laser, these affordable Cartridge Shaped Housings (CSH) lock over the .223 REM, enabling one laser to act as the “ENGINE” for all your different caliber needs, at one price you can afford! 

MULTI-CALIBER CSH!  One cartridge fits several calibers.
#1 Multi CSH fits:
  .243 WIN, .260 WIN, .308 WIN, .358 WIN and 7mm-08
#2 Multi CSH fits:  .25-06, .270 WIN, .30-06, and .35 Whelan
#3 Multi CSH fits:  .264 WIN MAG, 7mm REM MAG, 7mm STW, .300 WIN MAG, .300 WTBY MAG, .338 WIN MAG, 340 WTBY MAG, .375 WTBY MAG, .458 WIN MAG, 8mm REM MAG, .308 NORMA and .300 JARRETT
WSM Multi CSH fits:  .270 WSM and .300 WSM
ULTRA Multi CSH fits:  7mm, .300 & 375 ULTRAS
338-378 WTBY Multi fits: .338-378 WTBY MAG, .416 WTBY, .460 WTBY and .378 WTBY


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