Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hunting

Hunting Mistakes As hunting season begins this fall, countless hunters are hoping to fill their tags. Many of these hunters will be successful, but many more will return home with an unfilled tag. Hunting always involves a combination of skill, determination, and luck. Success in the field also requires avoiding mistakes that may ruin a chance at bagging game. These are three common mistakes to avoid when hunting.


Preparation is a big part of success in many endeavors, and hunting is no exception. After all, you may only have one chance for a shot. Being prepared may mean the difference between seeing game or not, or between making the shot or a miss.

Packing and transporting gear may seem like a chore when all you really want to do is start hunting, but forgetting an important item may result in delays, an uncomfortable hunt, or even missed opportunities. Take the time to review everything the night before a hunt, and then leave some extra time in the morning to deal with any unexpected situations.


Most people make an effort to be sure that they do not smell bad for social reasons. Hunters are usually aware that not smelling bad is inadequate, but they instead need to emit as little odor as possible. Animals often have a better sense of smell than humans do, and any foreign odor in the woods or fields may spook them long before they are within sight.

There are many commercially available products that aim to help neutralize odors from skin and clothing. These may be a good start in reducing human odors while afield, but also take care about any stops you make on the way to a hunt. Stopping for breakfast may mean also picking up food, smoke, or other odors on your clothing that can undo the work you did trying to neutralize your own odors.


We may think the sound of voices or footsteps is normal, but to a deer or other game animal these sounds are out of place and cause for alarm. One noisy footstep or verbal exchange may send game animals running for cover long before you arrive at your hunting spot. Try to remain as quiet as possible as you approach the hunting area to avoid spooking game. This is also a good reason to park your vehicle further away and walk as the sound and smell of a vehicle approaching is also likely to scare away game long before you arrive.

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