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Tips for Selecting a Boresight

Sighting in a rifle is an essential part of preparing for a hunt or shooting event. The challenge when sighting in a new scope is that the crosshairs may not be pointing anywhere near where the muzzle is pointing. Trying to sight the rifle in at this point may be time consuming and expensive due… Read more »

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hunting

Hunting Mistakes

As hunting season begins this fall, countless hunters are hoping to fill their tags. Many of these hunters will be successful, but many more will return home with an unfilled tag. Hunting always involves a combination of skill, determination, and luck. Success in the field also requires avoiding mistakes that may ruin a chance at… Read more »

Hunting Safety Tips to Follow This Fall

Hunting Safety

Hunting season provides a great opportunity to be out in nature and matching wits with game animals, whether alone or with friends. Unfortunately, each year there are also tragic reminders that hunting requires adhering to safe practices. These are a few hunting safety tips to help keep your hunt memorable for all the right reasons…. Read more »

Reasons to Go on a Hunting Trip in Zimbabwe

Hunting Trip to Zimbabwe

Hunting remains a popular pastime for millions of people. While hunting is no longer necessary for survival in most cases, it still provides an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and to prove oneself in the natural world. Zimbabwe remains one of the premiere destinations for trophy hunters from around the world. These are a few… Read more »

Reasons to Take Your Child Hunting

Father and Son Hunting

Are you interested in finding a fun way to spend more time with your son or daughter? If you enjoy hunting, you should consider taking your son or daughter out with you to hunt. You will make many memories along the way, even if you don’t end up bagging a big buck or whatever else… Read more »