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Reasons to Carry a Hunting Knife

Hunting Knives

Most hunters probably already carry a hunting knife whenever they venture into the field. Depending on the type of game that is being pursued, however, some hunters may decide to leave the knife at home. Here are a few reasons to carry a hunting knife any time you are in the field. The Benefits of… Read more »

The Benefits of Using a Shooting Stick

Shooting Sticks

One of the frequent challenges that hunters face is finding a stable shooting rest for distance shots. Woodland hunters may be able to count on finding a convenient tree at the right time, but hunting in the prairie, desert, or mountains often means spotting game while there are no suitable, natural rests nearby. A shooting… Read more »

Use a Gun Claw to Help Young Shooters

Some say it runs in our blood, passed down from generation to generation – the sport of hunting. The battle of man versus nature and the anticipation of hunting season is just as high this year as it was last season. The season brings back everything from fond childhood memories and stories of the times… Read more »