Acu-Sight Hunting Products

specific design, each unit is assured of accuracy. As each unit is designed to meet SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) specifications, the ACU-SIGHT precisely matches the chamber of the firearm. Utilizing such a precise fit, each unit is assured of proper seating and alignment within the firearm chamber; thereby, achieving center-of-the-bore placement and matching the path of the bullet. This concept, by its design, provides the ultimate in bore sighting accuracy. An additional feature of the ACU-SIGHT is its packaging. As a self-contained unit, the size of the actual cartridge, the ACU-SIGHT provides a convenient bore-sighting device. Its size allows the ACU-SIGHT to be easily carried and used anywhere the firearm is taken. This feature is especially beneficial for anyone who must transport his firearm. The power source for each ACU-SIGHT is designed to be user-friendly. Powered by readily available watch batteries (Energizer 392’s for .223 and Energizer 393’s for most other calibers), the power source is changeable by the user in any environment without special tools.


The ACU-SIGHT is manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards. Utilizing “state-of-the-art” CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment in a temperature-controlled “clean-room” facility, the ACU-SIGHT is produced by highly motivated people who are knowledgeable of the product and its uses. These well-trained personnel work with proprietary designed equipment to ensure the highest quality product. A blending of technologies (aerospace, ergonomic, medical, metallurgy, etc.) has yielded a safe, functional, and user-friendly work environment that contributes significantly to the maintenance of high quality production. Verification of quality is embraced and implemented by each individual at each step of the manufacturing process. The use of specially modified equipment and “state-of-the-art” CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring ensure the highest standards of accuracy of each ACU-SIGHT. Each ACU-SIGHT is produced by ACCU-TURN, INC. whose facilities and personnel are dedicated solely to the production of high quality and accurate units. Beginning with the laser sight body, all components are aligned to concentric axis to provide the user with repeatable accuracy. The utilization of concentric axis manufacturing and the dedicated focus of ACCU-TURN ensure the highest quality laser bore sight system available.


ACU-SIGHT makes it the ideal accessory to any firearm. Whether at the range or in the field, this unit (cartridge-sized) is perfect for carrying in a pocket until needed. The accuracy of the ACU-SIGHT provides quick sight-picture verification anywhere. The replaceable batteries make this unit a very easily maintained accessory. In practice, as well as design and process, the ACU-SIGHT is the best laser bore sight system available. NOTE: Some existing chamber-loaded laser bore sight systems make claims of interchangeability. This is achieved by sacrificing chamber-fit and accuracy. This type of system demands precise insertion into the chamber to approximate the repeatable accuracy designed into the ACU-SIGHT. Another deficiency, in contrast to an ACU-SIGHT, is the external battery pack and connecting cable. These items require a case; thereby, rendering the system inconvenient for personal carry. Any chamber-loaded bore sight device that does not allow the bolt to be closed has an inherent fault in that the stress caused by the closing and locking of the bolt is not applied. The ACU-SIGHT, by its design, allows for a fully-stressed situation during bore sighting operations. The ACU-SIGHT, by its self-contained and chamberable design, is the most convenient and accurate insurance available to the hunter, shooter, and gun enthusiast.

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Data Reference Procedure: The Key to SUCCESS !

Step #1: Make sure all scope bases and sight apparatus screws are secure. Checking for loose screws now could save you time and trouble later.

Step #2: Be sure chamber and bore are clean of debris or obstructions. (Get those spiders out of your barrel)

Step #3: Finger tighten the base of your Acu-Sight Laser (Lasers are shipped with the bases loose to reduce battery drain during shipment). Confirm that it is the proper caliber for the weapon you are about to insert it in.

Step #4: Insert Acu-Sight directly into the chamber and gently close the action. Cautions: DO NOT cycle Acu-Sight through the magazine, the blunt front of the unit will likely jam and could damage the bore sight. DO NOT slam actions of Semi-Auto or Pumps,but gently forward actions to the lock position. DO NOT DRY FIRE. NOTE: in the event your Acu-Sight does not turn on when action is closed try releasing the tension on your firing pin by pulling the trigger as you are closing your bolt. (This can not be done with semi-auto actions)

Step#5: Shine the laser at a “Shaded” object at 25 yds. Do not shine on a “Black” surface such as a target bullseye, black absorbs the red of a laser and reduces it’s visibility. Shining the laser on a “Brightly Sun lit surface also reduces its visibility. We recommend shining the laser on a “Shaded” surface such as the inside of a card board box or, if you are in the field, place a hat or article of clothing over a bush or rock to create a small “Shaded” surface. Overcast , cloudy days are perfect…….pre-dawn or dusk is excellent time as well. If bore sighting a newly mounted scope, or preparing to shoot a new rifle for the first time, simply adjust the windage and elevation of the scope or sight until the laser appears in the center of the sight picture. Now you are ready to fire a test round at 100yds. (In virtually all cases, the test shot will be within a 5″ radius of the bullseye. NOTE: If you have reason to believe your rifle is already shooting straight, do not make any adjustments on your scope if the laser does not appear in the center of the cross hair. This is quite common: The laser does not know what load, grain bullet, or manufacturer of ammunition you are shooting. Most shooters know that you will likely get a different group with each different load you are shooting. Therefore, confirm your rifles zero with a test shot and proceed to Step #7.

Step #6: After the initial test shot, you will need to make precise adjustments to your sights to fine tune your groups to your preferences ie. 1+” at 100yds Consult the ammunition manufacturers ballistic charts if you desire zero at 100, 200 or 300yds.

Step#7: THE DATA REFERENCE CARD: Simply reinsert your Acu-Sight Laser into the chamber and close the action. Shine the laser on an object and MAKE A NOTATION on the Data Reference card as to where the laser dots appears in relation to your crosshairs. (the card is not a target,you”Do Not” shine the laser on this card) NOTE: In virtually ALL cases, the laser dot will NOT appear in the center of the crosshairs, but rather within and inch or two and can be high, low,left or right. The variable depends on your particular rifle and how it digests the particular round you have chosen to use.Using a red pen, make a notation on the card reflecting where you see the laser in the crosshair at 25 yds. Always use 25yds to confirm your reference point, using lesser or greater distances will change the laser location within the sight picture.You have now created a Data Reference card for your rifle when firing “THAT PARTICULAR ROUND OF AMMO” ( if you change from the type ammunition you originally sighted in with, you will need to resight your rifle and establish a new Data Reference card.)

Step#8: Fold the Data Reference card and insert into the scabbard with your Acu-Sight Laser Bore Sight. Keep the Acu-Sight with you in the field and no matter what should happen to cause you concern over whether your rifle is still shooting straight, you can check, and if necessary, resight your rifle without firing a shot, simply by adjusting the windage and elevation settings on your scope until the laser dot appears in the location your Data Reference Card indicates it should be.

Data Reference Cards for Sighting Your Rifle








Data Reference Cards can be downloaded and printed on card stock at home on your computer.
For a printable version click here.