3 Benefits of Acu-Sight for the Average Hunter or Gun Enthusiast

Sighting in a gun can be challenging and sometimes feel more like a chore than fun. However, even during the offseasons, any good shooter should set aside some time for target practice, not only to practice your shot, but also stay in tune with how your firearm is shooting and to learn how it ticks.

When hunting and target shooting, your gun becomes an extension of yourself. If your sight is off, then your shot is off. You have enough to worry about when it comes to making sure that your own aiming practices are spot on – standing steady and calm, managing your breathing, and keeping a true read on your target. A sight that is not dialed in correctly can be a disaster for even the most steady of shooters. Here are a few benefits of the Acu-Sight system, which can help you get the most from your firearm.

Gun Specific

With three cartridge designs and 20 calipers, the Acu-Sight system is specifically made to fit your firearm. There are no interchangeable pieces or one-size-fits-all approaches with the Acu-Sight – just one solid unit that fits perfectly to help you keep your aim true.


All Acu-Sight systems have been designed with SAAMI – Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute – specifications in mind. This allows the devices to be attached and offer an improved center-of-the-bore placement that also matches the path of the bullet, offering a more consistent aim. This design helps to provide dramatically improved bore-sighting accuracy.


As a fully self-contained unit, the Acu-Sight is a convenient bore-sighting device. Offered in a compact size, the Acu-Sight is easy to pocket or store in your equipment case for easy carrying and use anywhere you take your firearm. The device is also very power efficient – running on simple watch batteries – which also makes swapping in a replacement batter a simple process that can be done quickly and without any special knowledge or tools.

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