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 What Is AcuSight?




specific design, each unit is assured of accuracy. As each unit is designed to meet SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) specifications, the ACU-SIGHT precisely matches the chamber of the firearm. Utilizing such a precise fit, each unit is assured of proper seating and alignment within the firearm chamber; thereby, achieving center-of-the-bore placement and matching the path of the bullet. This concept, by its design, provides the ultimate in bore sighting accuracy. An additional feature of the ACU-SIGHT is its packaging. As a self-contained unit, the size of the actual cartridge, the ACU-SIGHT provides a convenient bore-sighting device. Its size allows the ACU-SIGHT to be easily carried and used anywhere the firearm is taken. This feature is especially beneficial for anyone who must transport his firearm. The power source for each ACU-SIGHT is designed to be user-friendly. Powered by readily available watch batteries (Energizer 392's for .223 and Energizer 393's for most other calibers), the power source is changeable by the user in any environment without special tools.


The ACU-SIGHT is manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards. Utilizing “state-of-the-art” CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment in a temperature-controlled “clean-room” facility, the ACU-SIGHT is produced by highly motivated people who are knowledgeable of the product and its uses. These well-trained personnel work with proprietary designed equipment to ensure the highest quality product. A blending of technologies (aerospace, ergonomic, medical, metallurgy, etc.) has yielded a safe, functional, and user-friendly work environment that contributes significantly to the maintenance of high quality production. Verification of quality is embraced and implemented by each individual at each step of the manufacturing process. The use of specially modified equipment and “state-of-the-art” CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring ensure the highest standards of accuracy of each ACU-SIGHT. Each ACU-SIGHT is produced by ACCU-TURN, INC. whose facilities and personnel are dedicated solely to the production of high quality and accurate units. Beginning with the laser sight body, all components are aligned to concentric axis to provide the user with repeatable accuracy. The utilization of concentric axis manufacturing and the dedicated focus of ACCU-TURN ensure the highest quality laser bore sight system available.


ACU-SIGHT makes it the ideal accessory to any firearm. Whether at the range or in the field, this unit (cartridge-sized) is perfect for carrying in a pocket until needed. The accuracy of the ACU-SIGHT provides quick sight-picture verification anywhere. The replaceable batteries make this unit a very easily maintained accessory. In practice, as well as design and process, the ACU-SIGHT is the best laser bore sight system available. NOTE: Some existing chamber-loaded laser bore sight systems make claims of interchangeability. This is achieved by sacrificing chamber-fit and accuracy. This type of system demands precise insertion into the chamber to approximate the repeatable accuracy designed into the ACU-SIGHT. Another deficiency, in contrast to an ACU-SIGHT, is the external battery pack and connecting cable. These items require a case; thereby, rendering the system inconvenient for personal carry. Any chamber-loaded bore sight device that does not allow the bolt to be closed has an inherent fault in that the stress caused by the closing and locking of the bolt is not applied. The ACU-SIGHT, by its design, allows for a fully-stressed situation during bore sighting operations. The ACU-SIGHT, by its self-contained and chamberable design, is the most convenient and accurate insurance available to the hunter, shooter, and gun enthusiast.

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 The Guide Outfitter Kit 


The Guide Outfitter Kit.
The Guide Outfitter Kit.